Sunday, July 5, 2009

Putrajaya Housing Project 2009

Looking to own a house in Putrajaya?

It wont be that easy since the price of property here in Putrajaya has sky rocketed around RM300-RM400k.

Take for an example of the Danau Ayu Town House located at Precint 16.

In 2003 the price of the property was around RM200K now merely 6 years later the price can reach up to RM300k.

The appreciation value of the property in Putrajaya is appalling.

Any new housing development?

Yes there is but the new development that is rapidly in progressing are those housing project meant for the government staff (government quarters).


Welll dont be, because I will update this blog as frequent as possible once i got any new info about the latest housing project in Putrajaya....

In the meantime you can click on the link to the right of this page under mudah or iproperty and look for key in Putrajaya as keyword to find out any property that have been put up for sale.

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